You never know what direction writing will take you. This year the muse insists on articles. Hundreds of articles and being part of a writers group. Sharlene nightly tells her tales while I type about technology, medicine, dogs, clouds, and even stories. Art calls constantly so I sketch in between writing gigs. The guitar sits at my feet getting strummed while a project manager ferries another article to me. While chatting with them I write fiction dungeon and dragon stories with Elvira the cleric wizard chaotic neutral and naughty as they come.

I know for a fact the muse wants the second novel finished. It is all in my head and Sharlene and Sajiv are way into book three contemplating to kiss or not kiss. He paws her hand. Sajiv grasps her hand with both of his one on top and one on bottom, firmly cuffing it and gently pulling it toward him simulating you know what. While she stands and trembles not knowing to run or cuddle. Sharlene stands and explains all this. Part of her wishes to thrust forward and hug so intensely there can be no doubt about intentions. After she does that then what?

That is the scary part. Can it be completed? I cannot see them in bed together yet. It goes blank but when I ask Sharlene she gives some romantic third person tall and about the time it gets good as in causing an arousal reaction she take off on a wild tangent that leaves sexual behind and brings in funny. Everything else I have about 10 scenarios for except that. Is it that India young adults wait till 26 year old to do that. Is it I do not want to ruin the friendship between Sharlene and Sajiv. Making love will change that.

In the other time, the business world of writing marches on. Equally satisfying and gives a stream of payment it is hard to leave and do novel writing which is love and sacrifice most of the time. A host of children’s books left not illustrated. IHave been forming in my head for a while.

Increased the art and now it is appearing on the Internet. Exploring artists and museums in between writing gigs. Oil painting is back. It heals me and that is where it remains.

Yes Sharlene. I understand.  I have to eat and pay bills. Perhaps you can facilitate sales….

Here take a look at M F Hussain. Lovely art.