freedom                                                             By Mary Page with oil paints 

While I wait for my big check for my novels or children’s books, I do other activities. 🙂 A girl has to put food on her table and gas in her car. I also do writings on art since I love to paint and sketch. It gives me a time of peace. I write about art so that I learn the different styles and artists. I use it for travel money. I want to go see my parents this fall when the Missouri leaves turn colors. For what it is worth here are my “by lined” like a real author articles. The articles I did not get money for. You get money when people click. It has to be from a different device each time. Please click and I will thank you for the community Christmas present early. Of course my Mom who is a healthy 72 and my Dad who is a healthy soon to be 80 will be delighted. Once again I will prove to them there is still random acts of kindness and goodness in the world.

Until Next Time Have Your Own Grand Escapade with parents or parent substitutes or better yet pick someone elderly and treat them as such,