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It is that time of year media and all communication outlets talk about love and relationships. In the book, “The Grand New Delhi Escapade” plenty of relationships exist with a twist they all occur in India. It made for intriguing writing because I had to modify my American view of marriage and courtship. India still does arranged marriages. Parents find mates that are compatible for their children who often do not marry until 27 or 28 years old. Young males well-educated are able to have intelligent conversations with women. Refreshing to say the least. The book explores how the Americans have to bridge and think differently when making relationships with Indians. Explanations happen during conversation much like they would in an Indian family.

While exploring relationships it made think about how women treat men in this country often undeserved contempt just because they are a man. As a mother of two grown sons the amount of verbal abuse concerns me mainly because it is deemed as acceptable. It is not. As a mother of sons I find it offensive especially since it is encouraged. I took a tour of the Internet and articles exist about athletic men, skinny men, well established men etc. Little is said about Teddy Bear men. They count too. So since I no longer have a mate to compliment or even a romantic boyfriend I will give a top ten list of grand traits of Teddy Bear men.

Ten Grand Things About Teddy Bear Men ( not to insinuate that the other men are not delightful. They are but much is written about them)

1. He is warm on cold nights
2. Does not stand in front of the mirror all the time admiring self
3. You do not have to be perfect around him-you get to be yourself
4. He knows you truly love him—quirks and all
5. He works hard at learning all the ways of lovemaking and makes it worth being with him
6. Big, big man means you are safe from all the wolfies out there
7. You get to EAT and you do not have to listen to calorie counting, or I should have not eaten that—instead you hear ooOOOOoooo OutBack       Steakhouse cheesy fries, fried Twinkies and meat

8. A round belly means he makes money because he has to keep it fed.

9. You don’t have to worry so much if you get disabled, scarred or old—he will love you anyway because he understands about being different
10. Reasonable expectations about work/life balance

If you are single why not try a Teddy Bear man. It may be a pleasant change.


Have a grand escapade,