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Mary Page

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I participate in different discussion groups on the net. I am in SBPRA’s  Publish On Demand Group. The Question was asked

Traditionally Published Authors want to Self-Publish and Self-Publishing Authors want Traditional Contracts.. go figure!

The article does a grand job of explaining the ins and outs of both ways. It has been an us versus them battle but more and more authors are seeing that using both routes offers the best chance making a living and keeping both sides honest in the process. The group is by invitation. I cannot post the information shared. It is a shame though because many have grand marketing ideas. I will post my response since I believe in transparency where ever possible.


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Kharis MaceyKharis

Kharis Macey

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Hi Robert, I find this article very interesting and could only imagine how it would feel to be handled by a traditional publishing company. That is to say, so much promotion and marketing responsibilities would be taken off my shoulder. I guess, in the long run, the positive of this change would be less stress physically and psychologically. Financially, I believe you’d end up gaining or spending the same amount of money to get your name and work before the public. I recommend other authors read this article; therefore, I’ve posted to a variety of groups. Thanks! Kharis Macey


Mary Page

Hmmm I think you need to do both if you have the opportunity. No one can predict which route will make the most sales. Talking to people about your book whether in a bookstore, while eating, at church, in line at the grocery store, to the neighbors, at Art League, at college courses, at choirs, at the library, family and friends and then using social media to expose your book far beyond the local area or your inner contacts gives it a better chance of getting known. Social media is often more than a one time chat. I find with it people come back over and over again to discuss the book, share information about things for another book, future writers checking on how to publish or what publisher you use. Other publishing routes gets it out there faster and you have try some things to get it noticed. Traditional you depend on everyone else to do that until they tell you who, what, when and where. Other publishing routes you chose how to do it while traditional you are locked into their marketing machine. In the other routes you do not have to do the same old process. You can try new things and new ways, find niche markets no one else has tried since selling more frequently in smaller quantities than traditional marketing makes your book a long term investment and then adding other books increases the traffic on all the sites. Only a consumer knows why they make the purchase and the reasons or even why larger groups decide to take a chance and buy in quantity. The authors at the LongRidge Writers Group that I am a part of say similar things even though they have sold book after book. Traditional it takes at minimum $10,000 or more to get a book out there and a long wait period. Other routes with social media as a support for a fraction of the cost you can get the book exposed to many markets and add in an entity like SBPRA plugged into the Ingram system you get the best of both worlds with a reasoanble cost. I like finding new ways and venues at my age. Have awards in my other careers, top of my field, and top level in money done by someone else’s rules. This time I did my way and by my choice.