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Every writer at times feels like they do not do enough to further their career. A writer creates the best article they can sometimes for a platform, sometimes for themselves. Finding a venue to publish it can become a daunting task. Along the way if the fingers do not constantly fidget on the keyboard or with a pen on paper one can think they have become unproductive.

A Writer Works Even When Staring Out the Window

Many times to create grand pieces of writing one has to live their life, talk to friends and family, and reflect on their own thoughts or feelings. It often boils down to money. A piece of writing noticed by a publishing entity or consumer mean bills are paid, and the food goes on the table. Not many companies pay for hours of research, the people a writer has consulted with, and the time playing with a concept in the mind or even rewrite. Staring out a window watching birds or clouds has suddenly led to a new angle, perspective or even a paragraph about a subject. God bless the writers who have salaried positions that have set number of articles for a set number of dollars. It gives the rest of us hope we can make a living out of our obsession or for some compulsion.

Desire or Discipline

For many writers,  the desire to peck at a keyboard comes from getting that uncomfortable restlessness out of our head. Writing soothes it. Publishing feeds us. A writer does not usually lack desire. They can rewrite, rearrange, or create an original piece just because. Discipline helps one persistently get there but too much discipline leads to unimaginative writing. Deadlines must be made, and style guides followed in between snatching moments for the special project. A writer only has a few things under their control. One works daily to develop their platform, read and practice items to improve the craft, and constantly looking for opportunities to write. In writing one often does not choose the clients, does not tell the publisher which system to publish through though one can have influence, or determine the pay level until one becomes well known. Not many entities out there exist to protect writers from exploitation. Daily a constant balance occurs between desire and discipline. A writer has to find the right balance for them. No one else can manage that.

Please Yourself

If one listens to all the advice out there including this blog one may become filled with so much dread one may hide under the covers and never come forth to write again. Markets change and trends change constantly, and someone out there will read the writing if it is well done. If somewhere in the writing life one does not write for self, one will lose whom they are. Writing for others helps develop skills but it does not give the soul satisfaction as writing for self does. Write it and find a venue for it. Articles torn apart in one setting make hundreds of dollars in another venue. Good writing serves a purpose find the place willing to pay for the purpose.

Inner Editor

All writers go through a phase where the inner editor arises and before an idea can become scribbled down the inner editor nixes it. A time and place exist for the inner editor, but it is not in the first draft or as one write sentences. Get ideas on paper. Writing is more than grammar or spelling. Tell the inner editor to “SHUT UP”. After the ideas flow on the paper and a writer, walks away for a small time then invite the inner editor back and improve the writing. As a writer becomes proficient, the inner editor becomes stronger so train the inner editor. The inner editor does not rule or determine the path of the writing or writing career. An inner editor is a niche player. Set boundaries for the inner editor and when it does not adhere ignore the inner editor.

Forgive the Writer Often

Defining ones own success leaves room for doubt. Writers change paths often sometimes because of the market or sometimes because of an inner creative need. In all the transitions from passion writing to writing for food, a writer gets a little lost or worse stuck on food for the table prose. What looks like a chaos today often starts a trend and a path becomes apparent. Best of all in the chaos reflect on the issues and events, and it will make grand copy for some venue some day. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of writing it makes one what they are and keeps it fresh.


May you have many grand escapdes of the writing kind,