Excellence in Book and Now Excellence in Writing, Thank you Jesus

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The Good Letter

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Dear Mary,

This is just a notification email to inform you that your book “The Grand New Delhi Escapade” has been featured in our weekly BSBRA Newsletter sent to over 40,000 publishing professionals each week. This is a dual language newsletter sent in Chinese and English in which we will be highlighting 2 international publishers who have books available for foreign rights purchase as well as a new section featuring the bestselling titles from SBPRA. Our hope is to get inquiries on your title for copyright negotiations or wholesale orders. We will keep you posted on the feedback we receive should there be serious buying intent shown. Once again thank you for your participation with BSBRA and we look forward to representing your titles abroad in the best light possible.

Please find attached a sample of the English version for your reference.

Best Regards,

Chris Pine
Best Selling Books Rights Agency
Publish on Demand Global

Look at What My Mommy Did

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What Mothers do for their Writer daughters


Things to Know Before Deciding on a Digital Marketing Campaign

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Via www.commons.wikimedia.org “Responsive Design” by Muhammad Rafizeldi

What is the difference between adequate website design and great website design? Many sites exist whose graphics make one gasp “ooo” and “ah”. You call friends and colleagues over to look, but did they buy the product or service offered? Search engines determine rankings by the quality of the text and if it honestly informs about its service or product named. So when looking at a website design in one word what does it have to have to make it feel credible and trustworthy? To sell, the viewer has to click to become a client. It has to have the voice of Authority.

What is a Voice of Authority?   


Via NeoComp

Like anything else levels of authority exist. Put on a uniform and people automatically begin to give one respect. Have a certain title or position and authority comes with that status. Unless a person consistently displays authority in their actions it fades. Authority only maintains with positive, fair interactions. Sharing information freely from experiences, providing resources to other trusted sources, and an invitation to a conversation or debate all contribute to developing authority. Treating employees and freelancers with respect and with fair wages gives credibility. How does this happen with design and marketing online when a face-to-face does not occur until after the click?

Content Marketing Authority


Created using http://www.wordle.net/

They know you by your words. Graphics catch the eyes, but decisions are made by your words and how you live up to them. Contracts with clients are made with words not pictures. Words. A reader becomes a client by reading web copy, social media statements or a blog that has the voice of authority. Having the voice of authority reigns over style. Style comes as the flavor chosen by a business to convey that voice of authority in a manner that appeals to their target audience through the content marketing. The words that have the most impact are those given during an issue such as found in comment boxes, forums with an invitation to discuss new ideas or solve issues, or links to great information. All of it is geared to cause a conversation either by phone, Skype, interactive web boxes or at a conference. Content is king but conversation is queen. The conversation after the initial contact makes the sale. Content marketing is a means to an end of informing a client of a great service or product where one makes their promises on the standards one has chosen for their business. Then it invites a reader in to explore business relationship possibilities.

You Need to Know


If you are a small business website of professional level trying to attract clients by using web development resources you need to understand the following to make an informed decision:

  1. Content on your site must contain up-to-date, original, and engaging words. Search engines penalize stale sites, hard to navigate sites, and untruthful sites. Check trends of keywords, and phrases of your profession (use LinkedIn job description phrases for your site) and incorporate them into your blog or web copy.
  2. Quality Links display how important search engines see authority as a deciding factor in ranking your small business website. A quality link determines relevancy and is seen as a sign of trust. This makes it more likely your website appears on the important first page which is prime territory. Updating your LinkedIn profile and then placing a link on your small business website increases the likelihood of getting on that first page of a search engine since search engines view LinkedIn profiles as a number one rated trust site. Want to learn more click here.
  3. Web Marketing must become part of your overall marketing strategy. At a professional level the college attended, the number of credentials and the years of experience all work to your advantage among your peers, but the web functions differently.


All the schooling, training and work years count in niche areas such as your professional groups and LinkedIn, but out in the open cyber space one has what is called influencers. On the web it takes a balance of text, graphics, technology, service and interactive features to rank high with text being a major criteria, ease of use of the technology next followed by the rest. Adding in good social media and digital marketing techniques with the credentials increases the page rank and search engine rankings in many cases. Younger generations use mobile phones and the Internet to find professional services. Digital marketing creates opportunities for penetrating into younger markets and specialized markets making your business diversified and a long-term endeavor. The up side is almost all of it is cost-effective and, efficient but the down side is it takes time and a knowledgeable person to do it well. Web marketing takes some thought and planning.


Digital Marketing



Via www.flickr.com by greyweed


Digital marketing is more than posting, having a web page or a Facebook page. Even obtaining the first ten spots on a Google search engine page may or may not translate into additional revenue. An aspect little talked about is the marketing has to target the necessary audience. Digital marketing means having strategies to address audience needs of the market you need to attract. Internet marketing techniques change rapidly as updates from telecommunication companies, government regulations, and new technologies take hold. Keeping track becomes a daily chore of watching trends, anticipating the direction, analyzing data, and making changes rapidly. All of which is necessary, but it will take time away from normal professional small business activities. Add in creating designs that match client and end-user needs to complement the text, and navigation menus that are intuitive, can become a full-time job. Keeping your business goals in mind will help keep a person on task.

Hiring a person to do all those tasks is a solution, but consider this using a full service digital marketing agency such as Author Marketing Ideas leaves more time for you to run your writing business expertly. The money you spend for the service ensures you are getting the latest techniques, immediate service daily, and reports. You will be participating in a continual improvement process on your service and product. The choice is yours. High quality links were provided above so you can do a marketing campaign from first rate resources yourself. Every business should have a chance to have successful marketing on the web. If one does not have the inclination or time a place like AMI is invaluable service that partners in your creative endeavor and makes it a pleasure.


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Courtesy of http://www.flickr.com by ullrich

Reading good books help put the writer voice inside the mind. Great prose has a rhythm and flow to it. More than that it evokes the mind to visualize the experience. The setting feels real and one expects to see it somewhere, some place, some time. The characters become fleshed out with vices and virtues. Most of all the relationships connect to the reader’s relationship and one begins to put themselves in the characters place. How does that happen? How does writing suspend reality to the point some books become more real than real life?


One way a writer makes a scene realistic is to create specifics. Much of what a writer does becomes observing life and making mental notes. Then when one sits down to write one takes all these mental notes and visualization and converts them to words. Humans have six senses– smell, sight, sound, feel, taste, and touch. Describing these connects with a reader’s own senses.  Sensory detail puts life into a fiction or non-fiction story. It makes it real. Some writers keep small journals or index cards of phrases they have read or things encountered in life. The goal comes as creating a vivid scene, an engaging place or a moment in time. A writer literally creates a world in every story.

Language Choices

Via www.Wikipedia.com by Koryakov Yuri

Words categorize into specific or general and both have a purpose in writing. General words give a framework to work off of. At times in a story because it would not move the story forward or make the book too long general words let a writer give a bit of information without taking much space. Words such as fine, great, pretty give some idea of what is going on or what something looks like but does not delve in deeply.

Specific words give exact meaning. A cake described by size, color, texture, smell and taste names a specific cake. For example, a nine by thirteen inch rectangular cake with white icing and dark umber brown mix finely crumbling as the knife slices through releasing an aroma of ginger and cocoa tells a reader exactly what kind of cake it is, A good exercise to try to improve descriptive writing is to take a general word such as “cat” and specify it. For example, calico cat, tomcat, crooked tailed cat, a Persian cat, tuxedo cat with a white chest and coal-black body and feet shows how to transition from general to specific.

How to Begin

Take an experience such as kissing. Focus in on the moment. How do you feel before a kiss? What senses heighten? What does a person anticipate? What goes on in the mind’s eye? Now how does it all change as lips touch. What did it feel like? How did the two lips merge? Was it pleasant? What sensations happens in the body besides the lips?

Take any moment in an ordinary life and ask questions. Find words to describe that moment. Write it down. Then take a thesaurus and see if a better word can more fully explain what you have observed. Leave the writing alone for a day or two. Come back and read and adjust to create better flow or clarify  phrasing.

Much of writing is playing with the images, conversations, phrasing and words that surround you. Do not be afraid to play. It is part of the process. Writing really is not about perfection but about conveying a message or communicating in a way that makes a reader respond. Enjoy the playing and then use it to create a serious piece of language art that says what it needs to say in an unforgettable way.

Until next time enjoy many grand escapades in September and make sure all the changes in the season, people and routines get recorded in the mind.