Most writers do a variety of venues. After all one has to put food on the table, gas in the car, and buy the significant other a present. Look at any author bio even famous and at some point in their career, they have done articles, columns or blogs.

Here are some samples of other articles I have done. Some with bylines and some as a ghostwriter. Yes please click and share I would love to buy a large load of groceries this month.

The Arts with Byline

The Power of Three Latino Artists 

Introduction to Hindu Art

Disruptive Contemporary Chinese Artists

Musicians Please Note: Social Media Used by 91.9% of Advertising Agencies

Bylines on General Topics

Daring Dashing and Oh so Romantic Leather Jackets

Creating a Life With a Small Business

Budget Management 101 the Online Game Way

Ghostwriting and Guest Blogs

I have well over a hundred ghostwriting or guest blogging articles on a variety of topics. Before I give any samples let us have a chat about ghostwriting. For whatever reasons some groups have begun to frown on this venue.

To have a chance of driving web traffic to a site one has to have high quality content. Professionals with deep insights often do not have time to write the quality needed for the website. They hire writers. Many writers do high quality writing for others. It is a legitimate part of the profession, and it ensures deep thoughts get shared in a way that delights and informs audiences. Most companies or individuals choosing that route will honestly say they have writers on their team helping them communicate to the masses.

Why Ghostwrite

The pros of ghostwriting is It lets a writer experiment with styles and topics. A writer often gets paid well because they are an intimate part of the organization and valued for their insights. Many advertisements for high level corporations are outsourced to high level writers. Author after author such as Mark Twain, H.P. Lovecraft and many more have ghost written. Often a protege will writer the initial headline or article and the master writer comes in and puts in the finishing touches.

Writing is Not the Only Venue Others Do The Work

It happens in music and art as well. Mozart composed music for rich nobles who wanted others to think they had that level of music skills. Master artists hired other artists to mimic their style. They came in an put the finishing strokes before signing their name. Many celebrities hire others to write for them.

Here are three samples of articles I have ghost written. The clients are professional level and though it does not have a byline some do put it as a guest post. Others let their readers enjoy the variety of style.

Anatomy of the Bodacious Curvaceous Guitar

Catching and Riding a Hurricane Just For The Joy of It

Let The Ink flow Digital Scrapbooking

Be the writer you wish to be. Try every venue out there. Feed your kids and your significant other. Pay your bills. Rules are a sin when they prevent talented people from making a decent living. Make a decent living, create the best copy possible under the parameters given, and know the sin is on the other. Most of all have fun thinking, creating, and experimenting with your writing.