Write what you are given.


The Gift


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Every day you get up comes as a gift from God, the fates, the muse, a person or something you do or read is waiting for you. It wants discovery and for whatever reason in the universe it is a personal gift for you to use.

The Path Unknown

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No one knows when they sit down and write a piece whether a short blurb or a novel what path it will take. Some writings happen due to the emotional state of a writer’s mind. Its personal and your inner being demands your hand to scribble or keyboard it out for your eyes only to read. Some writings come about because an issue personal or cultural touches the psyche or the heart and deep emotional feelings emerge that need expression. Sometimes an urge to create something from your real self inside the shell of the your body nudges to become born.


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All writing is personal whether fiction or nonfiction or some hybridization. It has a writer’s voice, personality, quirks, needs, methods, every mentor, everyone that ever upset them, every person who told them yes or no in every letter, word. sentence, paragraph or completed project.

Idea to paper is as personal as it gets. Different writers in different genres do this task in different ways even when the powers that be script it out. Either mentally or actually with ink of pen or digital ink a writer has a process for the different types of writing they do and though they will accommodate in some fashion the writer spirit that inhabits them will demand its due. 

Read Those Who Have Come Before and Know

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For tried and true methods that award-winning writers have passed on through the decades read “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser” for nonfiction. Its advice has been well honed, revised numerous times and has example after example of great prose.

Talking with other writers helps tremendously. Taking a course that the teachers are well seasoned award-winning writers will accelerate the process for fiction and nonfiction. It teaches a person the business and marketing end of writing which is important. I recommend the Institute of Children’s Literature or the          LongRidge Writer’s Group at the Institute. The lessons and mentor writing teachers look at your strength and weaknesses and develop your unique gifts. They do not have a marketing agenda. They are all about creating great writing.

For incorporating social media and Internet resources into writing as well as offering tools to make a productive writer blueprint I recommend, “The Productive Writer” by Sage Cohen. She offers practical advice on developing a writing life down to filing conventions, what to do with the lovely prose edited out (never throw it away it is useful somewhere) and helping you discern what your writing life needs are.

How to Turn an Idea into a Piece of Writing

I did not give a specific how to. I can list all the ways that I have used, but that is what worked for me. It will be different for someone else. No system, formula, or software exists to do that. Successful writers share methods that work for them. They share books like I have in this blog to read and let you pick out what works best for you. Read your favorite writers and your not so favorite ones. Make notes in a journal, your head, or by digital on what you would like to develop and what you would like to avoid. Try different types of writing. Learn what scaffold someone gives you and then turn around and add your voice. Make it your own. Look at different types of writing and synthesize something new.


Oh one more thing~here is the definition of a writer from Dictionary.com. Notice it never defines how it is done only simply that it is. 🙂


[rahy-ter]  Show IPA



a person engaged in writing books, articles, stories, etc., especially as an occupation or profession; an author or journalist.

a clerk, scribe, or the like.

a person who commits his or her thoughts, ideas, etc., to writing: an
 expert letter writer.

(in a piece of writing) the author (used as a circumlocution for “I,” “me,” “my,” etc.): The writer wishes to state….

a person who writes or is able to write: a writer in script.
Author Mary Page’s definition is this:
Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth
Now go write, read, play with words, think about words and then find or make your own definition of writer.