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The Internet always has a new venture developing. In writing books online flip books have become part of the landscape.  Flip books became more possible with the integration of HTML5 across the Internet. Tablet sales have increased with even school districts sending tablets home as part of the curriculum. Many parents buy tablets for young ones so as to play the many educational games or to read children’s books.

Traditional or Contemporary

Sites exist that can do a simple flip book. Your choice as far as a traditional look or contemporary. HTML5 flipbooks can become interactive where as the PDF versions remain static so pop ups possible with the latest version. For children’s books it opens up a set of possibilities that includes a sensory experience besides the eyes and ears. More nerve ending exist in the fingertips than anywhere else in the body. Movement with mouse or screen can develop intellect more for some children. All in the name of having fun.

WordPress has a flip book plug-in http://rfbwp2.mpcthemes.net/

Computer Programming

So while exploring Internet possibilities for books. I also took a path to computer programming. I have been learning Python 3 so that I can create in a new way. You can do web development with Python. Most servers support Python and Python and CGI computer generated imagery play well together. So illustrating a children’s book can become taken to a whole new level. Still learning the basics but as I advance maybe I can create my own kind of flip book with interaction my way.

Here is my Python Code:

It has a karaoke song. As a tuple eventually can add art once I learn that. I could also convert to a children’s flip book. I suspect before long we all will need a bit of computer programming language in our lives. Animated writing I am looking forward to.

tup1= “Favorite Things Variation on Sound of Music song”, “Tune 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”, 2018, \
(1, “Raindrops on Roses, 1, Raindrops on Roses so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on ”
“the list”
), \
(2, “Whiskers on kittens, 2, whiskers on kittens, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on”
“the list”
), \
(3,  “Bright copper kettles, 3, Bright copper kettles, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing”
” on the list”
), \
(4,  “Warm woolen mittens, 4, Warm woolen mittens, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on”
” the list”
), \
(5,  “Brown paper packages tied up with strings, 5,Brown paper packages tied up with strings so gather it up,”
” pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(6,  “Cream-colored ponies, 6, Cream-colored ponies, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing ”
“on the list”
), \
(7,  “Crisp apple strudels, 7, Crisp apple strudels, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing ”
“on the list”
), \
(8,   “Doorbells and sleigh bells, 8 Doorbells and sleigh bells, so gather it up, pass it around this is my ”
“favorite thing on the list”
), \
(9,   “Schnitzel with noodles, 9, Schnitzel with noodles, so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite ”
“thing on the list”
), \
(10,  “Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings, 10, Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings, ”
“so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(11,  “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, 11, Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, ”
“so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(12,  “Boys in blue jeans with shiny brown belts, 12, Boys in blue jeans with shiny brown belts, so gather it up,”
” pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(13,  “Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, 13, Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, ”
“so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(14,  “Silver-white winters that melt into springs, 14, Silver-white winters that melt into springs, ”
“so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”
), \
(15,  “I simply remember my favorite things, 15 I simply remember my favorite things, ”
“so gather it up, pass it around this is my favorite thing on the list”


title, tune, year, track1, track2, track3, track4, track5, track6, track7, track8, track9, track10, track11, track12, \
track13, track14, track15 = tup1

print(“Instrumental tune of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEl9OlV05RU”)

Until Next time,


Surprises About Zero

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Courtesy of Pixabay CC0 Public Domain by matthewwafflecat

Why write a book about nothing, nada, zilch? Well if you thought zero meant just nothing then you need to rethink. The power of Zero became explained in laymen’s terms in Charles Seife book Zero: A Dangerous Idea.  He states zero is infinity’s twin. So in a zero you have the secular and the mystical rolled up into one. A Cartesian coordinate system visibly shows that. The power of zero threatens to undermine physics if you do not manage the equations carefully. Zero breaks law every time because it can shatter logic. Waywardly divide by zero and you destroy the number line and logic. It will not follow the rules ( chaos). Zero has no value but it holds a place just like in my book Ways to Say Zero Zero is a digit but not a number it has no quantity but it becomes classified as an even number. The riddle me this number…an imp from the beginning of time. Do you see how even talking or discussing the digit zero starts shaking the foundation of mathematics. It points out all the inconsistency.  Children always question teachers about zero and the questions are quickly dismissed because no one has a definitive answer about zero except God.


In religion the nothing to something battle became Genesis In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. … And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.  God won  or 1. In the prior century we have created a cyber world based on 0 and 1. It took us that long to follow what God did. So in every computer program its origin is the conflict of which digit will win 0 or 1. The Big Bang all over again, and again, and again. Have you ever noticed the symbol used to let you know that the Internet browser is searching is a zero with a spinning rim. Most of the time you receive your web page just like God gives you grace. So we witness the first event in our universe the moment we turn on our computers. God wins over and over and over again and even gives us free stuff. The man who made the code that made the Internet possible Tim Berners Lee in 1989 gave it away and we all won globally.

Excerpt from the World Wide Web Consortium

On 4 April 2017, Sir Tim was awarded the ACM A.M. Turing Prize for inventing the World Wide Web, the first web browser, and the fundamental protocols and algorithms allowing the Web to scale. The Turing Prize, called the “Nobel Prize of Computing” is considered one of the most prestigious awards in Computer Science.


Bill Gates played with 0 and 1 so much he made strings of it. He put the strings in an order instead of trying to make an individual 0 do order. From that we got Microsoft, web browsers, and software.


You cannot make zero behave. You cannot make zero make order all it will ever do is hold a place. Zero remains forever a paradox that people just have to accept and deal with. It is part of the universe and no progress becomes made till you do. As my electrical engineer son tells me a little chaos is to be expected. If it is not there a lie exists. It must be there. Engineers know how to handle chaos.


How do you get the idea of zero over to children? You have to use language. You have to use pictures. Zero has a personality unlike other digits. It has to be part of their world. Children know all about chaos. It is one of their friends they play with.  They never understand why the adults are afraid of chaos. In their worlds it is friendly because it has no contempt. What they do not know is when you become an adult you acquire contempt and chaos destroys civilizations. Adults do that not children.


Available Here is Ways to Say Zero

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When someone else publishes your book then it is their marketing machine that gets it in front of the public. I do a Facebook page which for a time is effective but what I learned is your life moves on. You have to pay bills and buy food. It takes a marketing machine to help maintain a presence.  In a week after a publisher has released your book on your own if you have maintained a credible presence on the web you can get it on the first page of Google Search Results. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are all legitimate ways to get your book in front of people. What you are hoping for is someone tags your book with your name and title and it makes it easier on the query box search to find you. It starts with your book title and your name. You may have to put author (your name) to make it appear. That is how it starts unless you hire a digital agency.

Let us take a look.

Query box put Ways to Say Zero  Mary Page

gsr wts0.png

You can see I have Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my accounts such as Google+, my publisher for this book Guardian Angel Publishing, a group I joined Books of Excellence for “The Grand New Delhi Escapade” and my LinkedIn account.  Being in the first 5 on Google means I am credible and trustworthy and those sites are good links. Eventually the Facebook account I created for my character Zero will come to the first page but you have to get people to click there as in LIKE it. I have never discovered the secret for getting Twitter to the front page.

Now let us use the same query and look at Google Images. I want my Zero character recognized. As of yesterday enough people and enough bots viewed my book so the image shows in the number one spot if I am giving the exact query “Ways to Say Zero Mary Page.”

wtsz google images.png

Let’s change-up a bit and see what happens. Guardian Angel Publishing is added to the query. Now we have Ways to Say Zero Mary Page Guardian Angel Publishing

wts0guardian angel.png

Guardian Angel Publishing marketing machine appears and my book is available at KMarts. Number one spot on Google. So I called my Mom and my son. No close KMarts exist near me in Houston. The page says temporarily unavailable…

Kmart wts0.png

My BOOOOOK is at KMART!!!!!!   At least online, so I asked my Mom in a couple of weeks to wander over to KMARTS in Crystal City, Missouri and see if it is on the shelf. The book is print by demand which is common but if someone demands it they will print 5 to 10 copies and put on the shelf. I want a picture of that. I tell my son I will send the picture, and I want that at my funeral. My book is on KMART. I could be a blue light special. It amuses me.

This query  for images Ways to Say Zero Mary Page Guardian Angel Publishing pulls up thisgap images.png

Not the number one spot, but it is in the first line and my LinkedIn pic and my Books of Excellence pic pull up as well as my The Grand New Delhi Escapade book on Books of Excellence. On the 4th line  Guardian Angel Publishing images of my book site shows where my eBook is for sale so  I will watch that over the next few weeks. If it rises then I have e-book sales happening.

What I have not figured out is the synonyms. If someone types in the query box a math concept book about zero, zero, math literature book about zero, educational book about zero my book does not pull up but others do that have been on the market much longer. I suspect that is where sales come in. If people buy the book then the book can be found by synonyms otherwise it will be top-selling books in that category. This is why I say the digital marketing machine becomes important. AS powerful as Amazon and Barnes and Noble are the book does not appear in searches when I use synonyms or broader categories. In the search engines it is not enough.  It starts counting links and clicks at that level I suspect. So if you want to check how well a digital marketing firm is working for your product query the synonyms and see what pops up.

Here is a list of where my book is available presently.

https://www.amazon.com/Ways-Say-Zero-Mary-Page/dp/1616338423  that is globally in most places where Amazon is

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ways-to-say-zero-mary-page/1126261306  Where a nice professional review that I did not pay for exists https://readersfavorite.com/




http://www.booksofexcellence.com/page.html where one of my other books is but it is such a lovely place and Bonnie gives new authors the royal carpet treatment


https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/ways-to-say-zero  this is the book reviewer site. They review books for free, showcase your book, and do a radio button to a link for sales.

Ways to Say Zero by Mary Page

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No automatic alt text available.

Publishing By Mainstream

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Via https://www.pexels.com/photo/keyboard-desk-wristwatch-watch-8264/ CC0 License

Most of my writing involves digital venues. You research a subject, find a slant, and write it within the parameters the group or client has given if possible. I published a children’s book and novel on a digital media venue. It lists as a delightful experience that costed a fee. I view it as apprentice school that teaches you paths and opportunities in writing and getting paid for it. More business like the experience played out like a college course. You had mentors who guided you, gave you choices on how to proceed, explained how they sold books, and made assignments. You have to do the marketing outside of book fairs. Indie and digital platforms use international and nation book fairs to sell books and make deals. They use the Internet platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and country platforms such as Flipkart India and even a few city digital platforms. The email exchanges makes you meet lots of people who love books and love publishing. No one guarantees you a profit. You build a portfolio of work, you get experience, and you meet people on social media and talk about your book. That leads to lots of conversations about other things such as politics, religion, and current events.

Via https://www.flickr.come/photos/joeybones/6622086429 CC 2.0

Mainstream Publishing

I took the course by the Institute of Writers. It polished my writing and gave information on the ways and means of more traditional publishing. You learn about the lists that tell you how to submit a manuscript. You buy a large box of manila envelopes and you mail your story. Sometimes they have a website drop box to do that, and some take your manuscript by email. It works like a leap of faith. You send your creation to a place unknown for a person unknown to possibly look at. You are waiting for feedback.

Sending it Forth

Some places do not answer you back and they state that, “If you do not hear from us in x number of months you are not getting published.”  The infamous “Do not send to any other publisher till the time has passed or you hear from us” or “Please write if we are the  only publisher or you have sent to others.”  Each publishing house does things differently so you have to prep the manuscript for each of them.

What You Get Back

Many send a letter acknowledging that they received your creation. Some send a letter telling you that your creation is lovely but it does not fit their theme or style. They do take the time write some things on your manuscript to let you know what you did you write and what they believe needs to be improved. You get many letters that tell you the publisher is out right rejecting your creation. The fun letters are the ones where one publisher loves your creation but cannot use it, and the other publisher wonders what you were thinking when you created it. It is subjective in the sense that editors and publishers have opinions on what meets the standard of their publication. It is their publication.  It is never personal, and it is about the work. You learn that you have to decide if it is a good piece, and what needs to be improved or not. You develop your own standards. You agree to disagree when they reject it. You send it somewhere else or put it away for a while. When you get to that point their opinion does not matter as much and your opinion matters more. You decide what you can live with as a writer. Did it really need polishing? Can I improve it? Do I need another source for it?

What happens is you will get another opportunity to write on that subject. You will take some portion of it and expand it or paraphrase it. You will get your slant out into the world on it. Pieces of that rejected work will cross your mind and you place it in other pieces. That has a satisfaction in it especially when you get paid for it.

Image may contain: 4 people



At some point you get a contract. It rarely happens on the piece you think it will. Someone validates your work. Joy. As you read the contract you realize you are giving that creation away partially. It is like adoption. The publisher has a different agenda than you and a different process. You no longer have control of your creation. They have control of formatting it and presenting it to the public. They use their marketing venue. It is more personal in the sense you will exchange letters or emails as to the progress of the creation. It is not just about marketing. You will have periods of time where you will work together. With this venue it becomes about the book not you. The book takes on a life of its own. As an author you only come back in it if it reaches a certain level of success where you give interviews or book talks.


If you did digital process book publishing first you go and start checking Google where you put your book to see its ranking. You personally helped with that . With mainstream publishing you have to word play with the title and publisher and your author name to have it appear on Google or another search engine. You get little surprises. So you query and there is your author page, your blog, your twitter, and suddenly pops up your book is at KMart.  A real live physical building location. It is online but you wonder if I walk into the store will I see my book. It is like when you send a teenager off to college. You know about where they are but not exactly. It gives you the same feeling. Like should I do something… should I go make sure the book is okay…should I ask… do I really want to know what they do???  You do not know how all that works or how all that is going to play out.

No automatic alt text available.

Via Mary Page Nexus 6P Phone Camera


Books sell with reviews and without reviews. Sometimes it makes a difference and sometimes it does not. What you have to understand is if the person does not buy your book from a store then they cannot put a review there. You can give it to the publisher to put on your author site. You can sign up for free reviews but you never know if that will happen. Places exist that you pay a fee to get a review but you are not supposed to do that. It is suppose to be unfettered.  Freely done by a person who just likes your book.

Image may contain: 3 people

                          Via Mary Page by Nexus P6 Camera Phone

Do Both Ways

Getting published and getting paid for it takes a creative approach in that you have to use  many paths to get some chances. What is successful in one venue may not be in another and visa versa.  It is not vanity that you publish. It is sharing a part of yourself. You create basically alone. It is an extension and an expression of you. Instead of talking about your hair, or how many salads you eat it is an open invitation to a conversation about color, ideas, choice of words, pieces of you as an artist and author you are willing to discuss with others. A writer would rather hear what you think, where did you learn that, what does my creation mean to you, how would you end it, would you have used a different color???


At the end of my life I will be able to say I did not talk about being a writer. I did it. I had the experience. I did not talk about being an artist I learned how. I did it. I did not talk about singing on stage but went to Carnegie Hall and had the experience. Then I ventured out on my own and combined the essence of my music abilities and created a guitar greeting for a beautiful foyer. I did it. I had the experiences.

Until Next Time,




Status Report

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I have continued my excursions into writing. Creative writing by freelancing though personally satisfying is fraught with con artists. They love your work but they do not like to pay. Some of my best experiences have been without contracts. Freelance editors willing to read your book and improve it rank near the top. They give honest opinions about the writing. Joining up with a group of writers to do a larger project creatively has been the top ranked experience. Their dedication to the craft and personal ethics astound me. Working together we have been able to pay our bills, buy a different car, go to a restaurant, share faith, and survive an awful unfair client. I have never met any of those writers personally, but because of the shared experience it creates a bond between writers.  Because of their faithfulness to their craft and personal values it often restores my faith in humankind. They were not American. I did work with American writers but  it was difficult. I  can say it because I am American. Several American writers went on to fabulous jobs after leaving our writer group hanging on some project. Fortunately one of the other writers took up the assignment and the clients were kind that it was a day late. Others American writers fawned to steal assignments from other writers or to curry favor. The American need for endless competition brings out the worse in us especially where money is concerned.

The Way of It

I have a disability that demanded a lifestyle change. Writing came as a recommendation from doctors or more precisely do the arts. Stay away from the perfectionists. Your personality type needs that to create less stress and not aggravate your condition. I had $5000 from the disability insurance company who shafted me. I paid for a contract for years that stated they would pay 2/3 of my salary for 5 years if I became disabled.Unfortunately for me the condition doctors diagnosed me with listed as physical and nervous. The insurance company chose nervous and paid the school instead for the days I missed. Except I had only missed three days in my entire career so the district and state compensation days covered nearly all my days. I only got the $5000 and was sentenced to a life of poverty. So I paid off my house and car to survive. Took courses at the Institute of Writers for children and adult writing to prepare for a new career. Did the resume and the Great Recession demanded I think outside the box.  Digital platforms arose during that time and I signed up. They pay.  They may not pay much but they always pay. Most of the contracts have simple clauses. You get experience with many people, many types of writing, and many clients. A few places have mechanisms to deal with unreasonable clients. Mostly they just ask the writer to leave. You can have many clients that find your writing style useful for their business or needs and just one client being extremely unreasonable changes it. Despite the contracts no protections exist. That is wrong. The client can demand only as much as they are willing to pay FAIRLY for that is what the labor laws says. You have clients who are paying a half a penny a word demanding magazine or academic level work. Digital platform writing is an extremely competitive business. I watched a brilliant company go down in 2 months shafted during an acquisition. You almost never blame the company since you understand what the client is doing to them. Of course they are going to choose their survival over yours. The gift becomes it’s the Internet and somewhere globally hundreds of new companies are starting and the possibility exists for an interesting job. All they care about is the quality of your work. Like Jesus a fresh start everyday.


A project manager/editor who I worked under decided to try a writing service. He was from India and had two teenagers. College was in the not too distant future. He sets up the business and we use the Internet tools. He hires the writers. It worked for nearly 3 years. We had a small list of clients. I learned how to Elance, Guru, and search for freelance jobs. We had a few American jobs who dishearteningly made prejudicial comments which infuriated me to no end. We worked Canadian, South African, Australian, and Indian companies and they went by the quality of the work. Ethical, paid on time and all good experiences. So Trump and his group come along and in the year he is campaigning the amount of verbal diarrhea increases on the job boards as well as the amount of LIES. The UNFAIRNESS factor increases and it no longer becomes about the quality of the work but your pedigree. Are you white? Are you a native English speaker? How about good fuck from you of course stated in the professional terms and you can work for me? All signs of a deeper level of corruption coming to the surface that our nation likes to hide. In good work relationships you do not want the people you work with abused. So what do you do when you have administration that verbally assaults and abuses people as a public display of a warped sense of power? That poison spreads into the areas that are not as protected by law. I for one am not having the people who stood by me in my darkest hours abused by such verbal trash.


Contracts are all about protecting the company not the worker. In it will be provisions for the worker only because the government labor laws insist they be there.  Traditional publishing is corrupt. They do not keep their promises but string you along. If I did things their way I would have had to file bankruptcy. That is their point. It is a by product of outrageous competition. I make a children’s book with the art of brown people and all of a sudden it is not good enough. Not worth the publisher’s attention and I am not worth sending an email that family obligations happened. I ghostwrite mostly because the system is set up that way. I have the emails to prove some high level professional people hired me to present their information in publications and online. Confidentiality agreements prevent me from sharing some of my work.  The journalist who shafted my writer’s group was good enough to get in that next level. The companies I have worked for including some high level corporations which I cannot name due to the agreements outsource work to writers and go to grand lengths to be fair despite the abysmal ethics of this administration and congress. The small businesses I worked for globally were fair. Who has been the most unfair to me has been the United States of America businesses particularly in some areas of writing and in insurance. Small business owners in American bend over backwards to be fair if you are a small business owner too. Those are delightful to work for. Everyone has pulled back due the unfairness of the political environment now.


Creating your own small business is suppose to be about freedom and values. The billionaires are not self made people. They stepped on many businesses and individuals intentionally to get what they got or parents died and left it to them. They are traitors to this country. Some want to be royalty and make slaves and peasants. It is why the laws force them to do social responsibility, charity, and foundations. This economy consists of 97% small businesses which this administration and this congress are trashing.  Freedom takes vigilance as any small business owner knows. Freedom happens when you are fair and you pay a fair wage for the work done.


I still can do business without a contract and get paid if I do it alone. Most small business owners will pay you no matter what and insist on it. It is a common value among the group. You can do writing service by email. People will answer you honestly. Have discussion with you what their business needs are or are not. They even collaborate. It is much harder to team now which is how you make bigger money. The risk because of the government rhetoric and ways is too great. Your team will get hurt now unless you have a lot of protection. You do get harassed now about your heritage and your writer’s heritage. You no longer can trust the government to help you in a situation because in a writing service much goes by your value and integrity. Mostly common sense guides you. Before you could maintain your integrity and your writer group integrity. You can no longer guarantee that. Clients will ask you to do things they would not before. As a writer you do not want to put other writers in that situation. Surprisingly people were fairly honest even to the point confessing that they had done things less than ethical in the past. Now most everyone tells a set of what I call “urban professional lies”. Lying is not all bad it is something we do for protection.  It is not safe so they lie. Who the threat is are the institutions that were protecting us. Writers do not have much protection to begin with but they have even less now.

Is it Worth It

On a personal level writing is worth it especially when you can tell a truth, create something intriguing or give an honest opinion. You can still do that but it does cost you. The freedom of social media because of all the verbal assaults on it at people who expressed an opinion or pointed illegal activity or unethical ways to this government has been wounded. Other countries who admired us for that are reluctant to word play or have opinions with us because our country is no longer trustworthy. Even if you as a person are trustworthy and able to discuss on social media the government rhetoric sits right by your posts name calling, violating civil liberties relentlessly, lying outright, flip flops just to disrupt, and all because a set of constituents felt they were not being heard. Well they were not being listened to but instead of taking it out on the government and dealing with their local representative they attacked other Americans. Writers express opinions based on research. You have differing perspectives on topics.  America is having an uncivil war playing out across social media and media. We have cease fires, truces, and hot spots. Writers like anyone else have to pay bills, feed kids, and have a life. Because of the nature of the business of writing you know at some point your words will get attacked or your creation no matter how much research you have done and it will be unfair. Not a legitimate discussion or a preference but outright unfair.  It is still worth it to stand by your words. It is still worth it to make the attempt to maintain your integrity. Even if you fall everyday is a new day and a renewal of that promise to yourself and your craft. We write alone most of the time. We depend on others research to make sure our words are true, and that the content reflects the reality or the premises of our own creation. It is my own inner writer voice that I have to deal with.


Why are Almond Branches Important to God

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Bohdi Tree courtesy of Nagytibi  with Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Bohdi Tree is a sacred fig with heart shaped leaves. Three religions claim it Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Many meditate around the tree to get in touch with their spirituality.  Themes of this run in my novel “The Grand New Delhi Escapade” and my second novel set in Hyderabad. As humans we need symbols to reach our spiritual self. The caution becomes not to make the symbol the GOD or gods (as India says). As stated in the first blog on trees Christians harp on the tree in the Garden of Eden. We seem stuck there. Maybe because as women we repeatedly each generation repeat the sin of Eve over and over again. I catch my self doing that and I hate myself for it every time since it started the process of humans to be out casts from paradise. That sin has never gone away or been solved. it plays out in our relationships  and our self images. More trees of spiritual significance exist besides those two trees named. Since we can not go back and undo Eve’s sin just maybe we can move forward to some of the other trees. We may find the beginning path of redemption there.

Jeremiah and Almonds


Via Wikimedia by Daniel Schwen

Jeremiah became known as the weeping prophet. He asked questions and then he lamented. Jeremiah lamented a lot since people sinned a lot. Born in a priestly family he gets chosen for prophet hood and the trouble began. He goes around pointing out the truth. People rarely want the truth. They often want the lie like Eve did. Eventually the lie lines up with other lies and builds an infrastructure of destruction that tumbles nearly everything good into chaos. The worse thing it does is burns out and uses up good people who care. During Jeremiah’s time and prophecy that is what happened. The lies all caught up to the institutions and everything fell apart. You cannot fix a lie. You get rid of it.

In the first chapter of Jeremiah, he and God known as the Eternal have a chat. Jermiah 1:11-13

The Word of the Eternal came to me.

Eternal:What do you see, Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: I see the branch of an almond tree.

Eternal: That’s right. From this know that I am watching over My Word until it is accomplished.

Why are Almond Branches so Important to God


Via Wikipedia by Jonathan Cardy

First off in the original language of Hebrew this set of verses has a word play going on. The word “almond” and “watching” are similar in Hebrew. Here the almond becomes a symbol for watching. Aaron’s rod in Numbers 17:8 had almond blossoms and it resurrected the priest of God. Parts of the candlestick for the ark of the covenant were made of almond by Moses. Almond trees symbolize awakening and spring. The Lord is letting Jeremiah know that He has spoken and will be the one guiding the application and accomplishment of what HE has spoken.


Jewish Symbolism

This is before Christianity so put your Jewish mind on. Almonds are eaten on Tu B’shevat which is the holiday that marks the new year for trees. The trees represent tithes. Later in Deuteronomy 20:19 trees represent a man in the field.


almond joy

Via Wikipedia  by Evan Amos

No specific New Testament verse says almond tree or almonds. You could speculate that the fruit on the tree in Revelation may be almonds. Almonds have spiritual significance and are associated with priests. Meditation under an almond tree is acceptable.  The next time you eat the candy “Almond Joy” know you are participating in a Jewish tradition.



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